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Will I get Back-End Support?

Yes, although the back-end site is easy to navigate, once signed-up, a CusComIT Administrator will call your Company Administrator to provide guidance either via telephone or Skype. Users may contact CusComIT via e-mail or telephone.

How many Users may I add?

You may add as many Users as you like. Pricing is based on the number of parts in the Tariff Parts Library per registered Company Customs Code, with un-limited Users.

Are Services paid in Advance or Arrears?

Services are paid in Arrears. Payments are based on the number of parts recorded in your Tariff Parts Library on the 20th of each month, with invoices sent out at month-end. Pro-rata rates may apply where applicable.

By when must invoices be paid?

Invoices must be paid on or before the 5th of each new month.

Is VAT applicable on payment?

No, CusComIT is not yet VAT registered, but we are working on getting registered.

How do I Sign-Up my Company?

On the "Register" page of this site, start by signing-up your Head Office Branch first. Follow Steps 1 - 6 to submit. Once signed-up, you will be-able to add additional Branch Offices.

Must I Sign-Up separately as a User?

No, once your company is registered and granted access, your Company or Branch Administrator will add Users.

What do I need to Sign-Up my Company?

In Step 3 of the Registration process you will need to "Upload Documents". Upload either: - a copy of your SARS Customs Code letter (for Importers, Exporters or Clearing Agents) OR - a copy of your Identify Document (for Customs Consultants who are not registered at SARS Customs).

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