What we do

CusComIT (Customs Compliance Information Technology) is a neutral provider of a Customs compliance system.

    The CusComIT system is designed to benefit:

  • Importers and Exporters
  • Import Rebate Manufacturers
  • Any Permit / Certificate Holder
  • Customs PTA (Preferred Trader Accredited) clients
  • Customs Clearing Agents

The system helps companies to maintain Customs information such as the Tariff Parts Library in a live environment.

Access all rates of duty for parts at the click of a button. Receive e-mail notifications for parts affected by 'real time' changes when SARS Customs publish tariff updates.

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What do you get?

Tariff Parts Library

Link your parts to our live tariff database to easily view Rates of Duty, Additional Duties, Refunds, Rebates and Drawbacks

Allow your Rebate and Tariff Determination Profiles (if applicable) to auto-link at parts level in the TPL (Tariff Parts Library)

Upload and apply literature to single or multiple parts for easy access by tariffing experts

Use our bulk upload and export functionalities for primary data

View a full history of user and tariff activity at parts level

Rebates Management

Manage your Industrial or General Rebate Stores, Bond Registrations, SARS and ITAC Registration documents, information and expiry dates for easy control

Load and link your parts to the Rebate database for use in the Tariff Parts Library

Customs Rulings System

Use our Tariff and Value Determination Systems for effective management and control of Customs data

This includes a provision for expiry dates to comply with the new legislation

Permit Balancing System

Not all permits submitted to SARS are electronic. Some permits are used by multiple Clearing Agents in different cities, and with different modes of transport

Use our central Permit Balancing System for easy access and control by numerous parties in order to update quota balances for logistical planning purposes

A Tariff Master File

Access our Tariff Look-Up system with a quick search functionality to all Duty Schedules including Rebates, Refunds and Drawbacks

View all Rates of Duty as well as Additional Duties (i.e. Anti-Dumping and Environmental Duties) which are linked directly to Tariff Headings

View all parts from your Tariff Parts Library which are linked to our Tariff Master at tariff level

Rates of Exchange

Rate of Exchange search and display for all Customs trade currencies

Tariff Change Notifications

Company and Branch Administrators will receive email notifications of changes to Customs Tariff Headings and Rates of Duty for linked parts

Statistical Dashboard

View summary charts and icons of key data relating to your Customs Profiles

Focal areas include the Tariff Parts Library, Industrial and General Rebates, Tariff Determinations, Supplier and Value Determinations, Permits, and Rates of Exchange